Focus Areas


Chanakya Pre-school curriculam is designed with an emphasis on every child's unique learning styles. Our curriculum extends beyond the walls of classroom and is planned in such way which focusses more on Practical approach. We have adopted montessori methodology which helps in the development of fine and gross motor skills. Our Mother’s workshops help parents to follow the same play-way pedagogy at home too which avoids chances of confusion in young minds.

Co-curricular Activities:-

A wide range of activities, festive celebrations and competitions are planned on a regular basis to provide children a platform where they can explore their uniqueness and also supplement their classroom learning. Engaging and exciting theme and objective based activities are planned for throughout the year. We focus on activities that develop curiosity and confidence.


E-technology is an initiative to make child Techno savy from the very childhood. Learning becomes joyful with Audio-Visual academic as well as non-academic animated clipings. While Touch screen boards, laptops and projectors add up for a complete e-learning kit.

E-labs & Library:-

Chanakya Pre-school possess seperate Computer Lab for Pre-school(Kindergarten) kids. In this lab such softwares are installed which can cater young minds and help in development of young brains. Also special E-library is set for the Pre-school kids which contains large number books for the age group of 2 to 6 years as well as musical books and E-books.

Skill development:-

Chanakya Pre-school has Skill development programs on every 1st & 3rd Saturday for the kids. On this day, kids are trained for dance, skating, Yogasan, karate, Art & Craft & Music. Each child gets a platform for developing these skills in the school itself and these areas cater to 360° development of a child.

Field Trips & Picnic:-

Chanakya Pre-school organises Field Trips on regular intervals based on their curriculam which supplements their brain development and increases curiosity. Kids go for a picnic once a year just to have full fun with friends and teacher’s which opens up wide horizons.

Medical Checkups:-

Health is given prime importance at our campus. Hence semesterwise Medical Checkups are conducted by specialised Doctors and reports are analysed by interacting with parents and taking corrective actions.


Chanakya Pre-school conducts quarterly assesments inorder to evaluate the progress of the child.

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Involvement of Parents:-

Co-ordination among Parent-Teacher-Child results in best matrix. Hence at every step Chanakya Pre-school organises such activities wherein parents get a chance to involve themselves as well as spare time with their children in the school campus and revive their childhood. Also at regular intervals, parents are trained for delivery of curriculam.