From Principals’ Desk

English Primary Section

For each ‘Unique child’ education & knowledge are the openings of new horizons. Today’s educational patterns or process rate is enormously leading to high professional dynamics, talents and skills.

The teaching learning process is stimulating more outside the classrooms to exemplary the students to open new doors towards practicality, Imagination & creativeness. Together with this our Chanakya Academy believes in quality education with character building. Character training is fostered by our projects and club opportunities. The Academics have been cultivated to be at precise level and our pedagogy helps the students to explore the quest for knowledge and power of action.

Our Care In -chargers infects the students with joy, enthusiasm and optimism asking them to think dream and imagine in the path of excellence to be moulded as the assets for the nation.

In another view, we also aim at development of our students at different levels through Sports, Meditation, Music, Cultural as well as self-defence, pursuing towards full fledged personality learning the essence of team work, self-control and qualities like leadership. Our field trips, tours and excursion help them to explore and be one with particular event by learning and solving method

Parents understanding and evaluating this aspect of ours, be the strong co-operation knowing that their children will surely be influenced for what “Chanakya Academy stands for – i.e Overall development of child…

- Ms. Roshni Vasa

English Secondary & Higher Secondary Section

When it comes to Secondary & Higher Secondary Section English Medium, let us talk on self improvement which I focus in my Section the most...SELF IMPROVEMENT in terms of what?

Student’s entering the Secondary Section are those who will have to face the challenging world very soon. And in this competitive era also they dream for such a life which is happy, prosperous and successful.

So, it is very clear that we all want to succeed in our life in every field. But the question is how can this be achieved? Is the achievement of success - a single day journey? Or Is it the cultivation of good habits from childhood? Yes, great wall of success can not be built in one day.... it is a long journey with many ups & downs..... We have to learn from our failures and learn to digest our success. And this can be done only by developing few basic good habits...

First, we have to start with BEHAVIOURAL ETIQUETTES at work place. It is often said that one’s behaviour is mirror to one’s character. Your educational degrees may hold little importance if you are not a well mannered person. The next comes is the developement of self-confidence,will power and self discipline...the most important quality for leading a happy and successful life. Most of us are always complaining about lack of time. But do we really lack the time or we don’t manage our time? Ask this question to yourself and get the answer. Must learn about time management.

In “Science Stream” we at Chanakya Academy focus on regular reading and understanding, frequent test schedules, personal attention, proper guidance and care, group discussions, teaching concepts through audio visual technology, competitive exam preperation in a totaly unique manner are the features which make Chanakya Academy’s Science stream unique in Kutch.

In “Commerce Stream” we focus more on “Practical Approach”. Commerce is a live field which cannot be taught inside the 4 walls of the classroom. Student’s have to come out of that, touch the market, understand the economy, the financial aspects, the companies and their working pattern, the financial institutions and their working, Marketing and production and so on.. All these areas are touched by our students through practical projects and field trips. Once they undergo this training, they become confident and their awareness about the market becomes a challenge for the other competitors. Our “Earning Project” makes our commerce students self dependent as they undertake such projects, which make them self dedpendent. These projects are undertaken by the students under the guidance of staff.

My STUDENTS are being taught to live simple life with HIGH THINKING , DETERMINATION, VALUES & GOALS to be achived.

My core team and we believe......Learn from YESTERDAY, live for TODAY, hope for TOMORROW & the best way to predict your future is to create it.

- Mrs. Kavita Barmeda