From Principal’s Desk

Hello to all,
Where else does a person acquire all round education, if not in school?

The school forms a huge part of a child’s world. Moreover, I feel the school is the place where a child-the future citizen, learns different aspects of life, skills, attitude,etc and acts upon as a grown up. If the school makes efforts to give the child, all round education, the child enables to be confident, liberated, blithe & dexterous being.

Now, after these many years, we have grown along with our children and now grabbed the methodical understanding of education, and therefore we are sure that in this session also the programs to thrive the teaching methodologies of teachers, implicating the mind of students through activities & meaningful partnership with parents will lead the institution to greater extent. The joint efforts of staff & parents will shove us towards the outstanding results and unvanquished future.

We shall take every care to see your trust in us is reflected in deeds.

-Mrs. Kavita Barmeda