Focus Areas


Primary Section:-

In Chanakya’s English Primary Section we use primary curriculum for core subjects of English, Maths, and Science & Social science. The students learn additional languages like Hindi, Gujarati & Sanskrit as per their age level. General Knowledge and E-Technology updates them globally and provides brain storming. The primary curriculum programmed provides subject content and depth in each topic. The curriculum implementation and development, together with classroom teaching results in consistent performance of the student to develop their academic volubility beyond our school. Drawing, Art & Craft, athletics, karate, meditation and music helps in his overall 360 degree development.

Secondary and higher Section:-

Chanakya Academy secondary and higher secondary section (i.e.classess 9 to 12) follows the GSEB pattern. All the above mentioned classes have different curriculum. Standard 9 & 10 is having semester system; whereas 11 & 12 Commerce is having regular term based & annual syllabus. And 11 & 12 Science again goes with semester system.

Class 9 & 10 includes following subjects: English (FL), Gujarati (SL), Social Science, Maths, and Science & Technology, Hindi (SL), Sanskrit (SL), Computer, Music, Drawing and Physical education.

Apart from these Karate training to all the students and various club activities such as Word press, Heritage, Art & Craft, Sports, Excursion, Eco club, Sanskrit club act ( only for 9th ) is also included in curriculum.

The subjects for commerce are Accounts, Statistics, Economics, and Organization of commerce, Secretarial practices, English, Hindi and Gujarati and science stream goes with Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology, English, Computer and Sanskrit.

Assessment & Evaluation:-

Primary Section:-

Scholastic Assessment

Lower Primary (Standard 1 to 5):- The child’s performance is evaluated by 2 (two) Semester progressive test of 80 marks each. These tests give the child to improvise his writing skills and to build up his confidence and express himself in his orals. At the end of the year the aggregate performance in all the subjects helps him to achieve his goal. The reliable structure of class test makes him more firm and helps him to better perform in academics.

Differentiation is a key concept in each class so that each student is set high but achievable expectation relatives to their own potential. The challenge to the child is to do their best no matter how high or low.

Upper Primary Classes

Upper Primary (Standard 6 to 8):- Being Gujarat State Educational Board affiliated school these classes follow the Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation pattern for Semester (6 Months). The well planned formatives help the student to research for his homework, projects & development of linguistic skills etc. to support his learning process. Fully equipped classrooms & smart class in each classroom helps him to be more imaginative and Critical thinker. Both Sem – 1 & Sem -2 results, together with the performance in formatives help the student to stand differently. The grade shall be awarded to indicate subject wise performance.

r r r r r r r r r
Marks Range Grade
91-100 A-1
81-90 A-2
71-80 B-1
61-70 B-2
51-60 C-1
41-50 C-2
33-40 D
21-32 E-1
0-20 E-2

Secondary Section:-

For 9th: 9th standard is having semester system. The whole academic year is divided into two semesters. And there is formative and summative assessment pattern. In all two summative assessment and four formative assessment are there. Semester-1 is called as SA-1 which includes FA-1 & FA-2. The final exam of semester-1 i.e. SA-1 generally held in the month of September & October. The second semester is called as SA-2 which includes FA-3 & FA-4. Final exam of SA-2 held in the month of April.

For 10th: 10th standard is also following semester system but, final board exam cover the entire syllabus. Final result of 10th board consists of 30% of FA and internal marks.

Higher Secondary Section:-

For 11 & 12 Commerce: 11th commerce is totally school based which is having TERMINAL-1, TERMINAL-2 & FINAL EXAM. Term-1 is having approx. first 40% of their syllabus and 50 marks. Term-2 exam is of rest 40% syllabus and 50 marks and final exam consist of complete syllabus and 80 marks. Whereas 12 commerce is board exam. In 12 commerce maximum paper writing practice is given to the students for achieving quality and quantity result.

For science stream: From the Academic Year 2016-17, 11-12 Science is based on Yearly system. For Class 11 there will be 3 exams a year at school level and for Class 12 the final assesment in the month of March will be conducted by Gujarat board.

Co-curricular Activities:-

The benefits of co-curricular activity in schools have been extensively researched and it has been found that students who participate in these activities develop higher academic results, better relationships at school, and are more likely to lead healthy, active lifestyles when they leave school.

The co-curricular opportunities we provide makes for a more motivated and engaged group of students, which leads to a happier and more cohesive school.

School conducts following co-curricular activities for overall development of students:-


Students participate in sports and games have reached ranking level to district and states in different age groups.Games like Volley Ball, Throw Ball, Foot Ball, Basket Ball etc. have brought our students to a good fitness level and they have excelled to gain the etiquettes of grounds. Indoor games like Chess have helped in increasing concentration level.

E - technology

E-technology in the class-rooms helps the child to be more Imaginative and visualization of the content through animation helps him to relate with the content practically making the learning process interesting.

Field Trips

Field Trips: Academic based visit to the selected place is done to visualize it practically and enhance the gained knowledge. Students are given the questionnaire to solve to increase their observation skills.

Pravesh Utsav

Warm welcoming of students in new academic year.

Proficiency award

Encouraging the students who have performed best Academics.

Festival celebration

Develops the feeling of secularism & patriotism in the Students.


Explores the places and identifies details practically.

Talent hunt

Provides platform to exhibit their talents in various fields.

Young Achievers Awards

Students are awarded for their excellent performances in co scholastic fields.