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Chanakya Academy started its journey in the field of Education in the year 2004 with the aim of providing education to the students of Kachchh district and providing such a platform which is of International standard with the inculcation of moral values as well as which can preserve the wide heritage of ancient learning process. The whole campus is spread in 1,24,000 sq.ft. area.

Chanakya Academy is situated in calm, safe and secured environment. It is located in a prime area, yet away from traffic to ensure that children study in a peaceful enviornment. This centre has ample of open space both outdoor and indoor for daily exercise and development of motor skills for children. Also it is equipped with the aid of digital apparatus such as learning both with audio and visual, well equipped Montessori, Computer, Physics, Chemistry & Biology labs, digital Library along with variety of books available for different age groups, lush green big gardens, Amphi Theatre, Puppet Theatre, Toy Room, Ball Room, football, basketball, volleyball & Skating ground adds a luster to the 360ᴼ development of a child.

The school works in 51 areas along with best curriculum design with different clubs running in the campus which nourish the child from the tender age & helps them to face the global competitive world with full courage and confidence. All the classrooms have colorful and attractive colors. With the dream of providing the best Pre-school(Kindergarten) to kachchh, today Chanakya Academy has grown up and is full fledged with Classes till 12th in both Science and Commerce streams and also having both mediums i.e English & Gujarati…Considering the need of Bhuj City, in the Academic Year 2015-16 Chanakya Group has come up with the English Medium Commerce College(B.Com), which is the only English Medium Commerce College in Bhuj City. Also we have Chanakya Yoga Academy(Affiliated to Lakulish Yoga University, Ahmedabad). Stepping into Medical field recently from the Academic Session 2016-17 we have come up with "Chanakya College of Physiotherapy" which is again the 1st Physiotherapy College of the entire Kutch District.

We ensure a safe welcome & bright future of every child who enters the doorstep of Chanakya Academy.


प्रचंड इच्छाशक्ति, दृढ़ मनोबल एवं आत्मविश्वास से भरपूर नई पीढ़ी का निर्माण करते हुए माँ भारती को परम वैभव के शिखर पर बिराजमान करना !


An Institution that inculcates overall development and self-dependency among students using modern technology so that they stand out as better citizens of society in this global competitive world.


  • Admissions Open 2024-25

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From Trustee's Desk

Mr. Vadilal Ratansi Savla


Mr. Sandeep Kantilal Doshi

Vice Chairman

Mr. Pankaj Anopchand Mehta

Managing Trustee

પુષ્પ સમાન કોમળ બાલમાનસને તેની પૂર્ણતા સુધી વિકસતા રહેવાના કુદરતી યોગ ને, વૃક્ષને ટેકે વિકસતી વેલની માફક સહજ ઓથ બની રહેવું અમને ગમે છે...

અમારા મતે :

  • સત્ય, અહીંસા, અપરિગ્રહ, અચૌર્ય શીખવે તે જ્ઞાન...
  • સુખ અને દુઃખ માં, આનંદ અને વિષાદ માં સ્થિતપ્રજ્ઞ રાખે તે જ્ઞાન...
  • ચારિત્ર્યની પવિત્રતા અને સુક્ષ્મ વિચારોની પણ શુદ્ધતા જાળવે તે જ્ઞાન...
  • આગ્રહ અને પૂર્વાગ્રહ થી મુક્ત રાખે તે જ્ઞાન...
  • સહજતા, સરળતા, સાદગી, આત્મસાત કરતા શીખવે તે જ્ઞાન...
  • પ્રતિપલ પ્રસન્નતા જાળવતા શીખવે તે જ્ઞાન...
  • અધીરતા છોડાવે અને એકાગ્રતા કેળવે તે જ્ઞાન...
  • દરેક ઘટનામાં અને વ્યક્તિમાં માત્ર ગુણ જ દેખાય તે જ્ઞાન..
  • ક્યાંય દૂર એક નાનકડું પાંદડું ખરે તો સમસ્ત બ્રહ્માંડમાં એ થકી સુક્ષ્મ પણ ફેરફાર થાય છે આવી સમજ કેળવી આપે તે જ્ઞાન..

બાળસહજ જીજ્ઞાસાવૃત્તિને પોરસતા રહીને તેમના જીવનમાં રાષ્ટ્રભક્તિ, પ્રેમ, આનંદ, સંતોષ, પરિશ્રમ, હિંમત, નિખાલસતા, વિનમ્રતા જેવા ઉન્નત ગુણોને વિવિધ કાર્યક્રમો દ્વારા આત્મસાત કરાવવાનો પ્રયત્ન કરતા રહેવું અમને ગમે છે. હજારો સંતોષી વાલીઓ અમારા આધાર સ્તંભ છે. અને હજારો ભૂતપૂર્વ તેજસ્વી બાળકો પોતાની પસંદગીની સફળ કારકિર્દી બનાવીને જીવનમાં આગળ વધી રહ્યા છે. જ્ઞાનના બ્રહ્માંડમાં તમામ બાળતારલાઓને તેજસ્વી બનાવી, સ્વયં પ્રકાશિત કરતા રહેતા જ્ઞાની, સમર્પિત, વિનયી, ગુણવાન અને મા સમાન શિક્ષકગણ અમારી મોંઘેરી મૂડી છે. આ મહામૂલી મૂડીને સથવારે અમે જ્ઞાન પરબ ખોલી છે.

આપણે સહુ,

પ્રભુના પરમ આશિર્વાદ પામીએ... જ્ઞાનયજ્ઞને પ્રજ્જવલિત રાખીએ. અને બાળકો ને પ્રચંડ ઇચ્છાશક્તિ, દૃઢ મનોબલ અને અપૂર્વ આત્મવિશ્વાસ ના સ્વામી બનાવીને તે થકી મા ભારતીને તેના સર્વોચ્ચ ગૌરવ સ્થાને બિરાજમાન કરીએ.

જગતમાં જ્ઞાની માત્રનો આદર થાવ.

સહુનો મંગળ થાવ. આભાર

From C.E.O.'s Desk

Chanakya Academy is committed & always works to develop each & every child as “Unique & Special”. This is realized through individualized learning, which caters for each adolescent that enters the doorstep of Chanakya. As a CEO, I have a strong team to deliver this vision & mission to enable your child to become an all rounder & be successful.

Schooling for children can be stressful at times. But at Chanakya, we offer an activity & inquiry-based curriculum through Practical Teaching Methodologies & Field Trips & Excursions which excites young minds. Curriculum Teaching is made more live through Digital Smart Class Technology & Projects.

Besides a rigorous & varied academic program, our school provides you with an opportunity to engage in a wide variety of extra-curricular & sports activities. Karate, Meditation,Chess, Skating, Football & Basket Ball Training in the morning session fills the atmosphere with pomp & enthusiasm. Not only this, but school provides a platform even for skill development through- Art & Craft Club,Guitar Club, Heritage Club, Sanskrit Club,Eco club & Excursion Club which run in the extra time other than school hours. To our incoming students, please take advantage of all that our school has to offer. Our different programs are enhanced to assist & help you assimilate into our school, & provide you with the support & direction you’ll need for your ensuing years. Our school provides an atmosphere of warmth, love & care where each student is given an equal opportunity to bring out his/her hidden talent that too in a healthy competitive & friendly atmosphere. We place human rights of a child at a premium. The right to gain respect, the right to live in an abuse-free world, the right to trust, the right to enquire & so on...Thoughtful Education surrounds our school with each staff member understanding student style along with student individuality.

It is our ultimate goal & vision to work as a team with students, parents, teachers & staff. The true measure of a team is the results we collectively achieve. We are so fortunate to have a core of staff stability to bring energy to our team along with new teachers to bring fresh perspectives.

-Ms. Mehwish Memon